Thursday, June 30, 2011

Interesting Seminar to Solve Every Company's Workplace Problems

I got an email this morning from the Fred Pryor Seminars on how to deal with unacceptable employee behavior. I'm sure it is a great course but I found the description of office trouble makers amusing. I'm sure no one has to deal with any of these folks at their job.

The Excuse Artist — Misses every deadline and goal, but always seems to be ready with a good excuse or to place blame and point fingers at others.
The Short-Changer — Late to work, early to leave, "stretched" lunches, extended breaks ... this person makes an art out of shortening and short-changing the workday, while leaving coworkers "holding the bag"!

The Intimidator — Everyone's tip-toeing around this person, lest they incur wrath and anger! The Intimidator uses fear and bullying tactics to control coworkers and can single-handedly ruin an entire team.

The Gossip — Behind closed doors, over the grapevine, and under the radar, they're waging verbal warfare ... personal attacks, rumors, carping, and criticism are the tools of their trade!

The Clod — This one is ill-mannered, opinionated, and obnoxious. Everyone else is always apologizing and making amends for the rude and thoughtless behavior of The Clod ... behavior that often results in lost business, ruined relationships, and stressful working conditions.

The Downer — No matter what, this person is unhappy ... for this pessimist, the glass is always half-empty. The Downer maintains a consistently negative, stifling presence and constantly spreads the bad news to everyone else.

The Minimalist — Apathetic and low-performing ... these unmotivated workers can be counted on to give the bare minimum (or even less). They make an art out of turning in mediocre performances that are poor enough to frustrate managers ... but passable enough to keep them employed!

The Soap Star — Their continuing "soap opera" of problems not only hurts their own productivity, but distracts sympathetic coworkers who get drawn into their never-ending predicaments and problems.

The Itch — They need constant attention, reassurance, and feedback ... and take so much energy and time to manage, you often find yourself sacrificing your job responsibilities to help them meet theirs!

The Smarty-Pants — Challenges your management authority openly and forcefully, constantly questions management decisions, and creates a harmful undercurrent of "anti-management" chatter.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

News Release: Citizens Rally Against Spring Hill Crematorium

The City of Spring Hill is currently considering a proposal from Spring Hill Memorial Park and Funeral Home to add a crematory to their existing facility at 5239 Main Street, Spring Hill, TN. Citizens for a Better Spring Hill believes that the proposed location for the crematory is incompatible with current land usage and zoning laws due to the release of toxins during the cremation process.

The toxins of particular concern include mercury and dioxins. Matthews International, the equipment manufacturer for the proposed crematory acknowledges on their own website that a study conducted by the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) reveals that on average 0.23 grams of mercury will be released per cremation (CANA study hosted by Matthews International) .

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this seemingly low-level mercury release is still enough exceed the weekly exposure limit for as many as 16,000 children (EPA Integrated Risk Information System: Mercury). Dioxins will also be released during the cremation process. Dioxins are listed by the State of  Tennessee as “chemical warfare agents” under the Terrorism Prevention Act of
2002. The EPA states that there is no safe level of exposure to dioxins.

Citizens for a Better Spring Hill is circulating petitions calling on our city officials to protect the health and safety of Spring Hill residents by placing the crematory in a properly zoned location away from the heart of the community. Additionally, concerned citizens are being encouraged to contact city officials including planning commissioners and their elected Alderman. Citizens may also make their concerns known at the upcoming voting session of the City Planning Commission on Monday, July 11, 2011 at 5:30 pm at the Spring Hill City Hall.

Citizens for a Better Spring Hill is a grassroots organization working for the the health, safety, and further development of the residents and businesses of Spring Hill, Tennessee.

For links to additional information, please visit

Contact: Mindi Godfrey
Phone: 615.398.9998

Attention Bloggers and Social Media Users: New Tennessee Law Could Expose You To Criminal Prosecution

Sometimes great intentions can produce drastically different results. During the just completed legislative session, the Tennessee General Assembly passed a law designated as Public Chapter 362 with the intent of curtailing "cyberbullying" on the Internet, especially on social media sites.

In the process the Tennessee Code Annotated 39-17-308 which covers "Harassment" was butchered to basically leave anyone with an Internet or social media presence potentially exposed to criminal prosecution if they unintentionally cause "emotional distress" to anyone.

The Tennessee Chapter of the ACLU has announced a challenge to the law which takes effect on Friday, July 1, 2011 because they claim that it "violates the guarantee of freedom of speech and expression under the First Amendment."

The authors of the legislation indicate that they feel that the law contains safeguards that would not allow it tho be used  except for the intended use.

However, with no definition of "emotional distress," a suit could be filed based on just about anything. Whether it is warranted or not, a person would incur extensive legal costs in clearing their name.

I would suggest that anyone with a blog or social media account to read each of the above linked documents carefully and if you are so inclined, go here and advise the ACLU of your concerns to help bolster their case.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

City Of Spring Hill Wants to Put Crematorium in a Residential Area

First the City of Spring Hill and their notorious Mayor Michael Dinwiddie thought that it was a great idea to buy the story of a con-artist who was going to put a huge them park in town to help clear up Tennessee's meth problem among about a hundred other things that weren't going to happen.

Now the mayor and his cronies want to put a crematorium in a mostly residential area of the booming young city. The final vote of the planning commission is this Monday, June 13 and due to the lack of publicity, concerned citizens have had little time to raise opposition.

I was contacted by Spring Hill resident Lori Fisk-Conners, who is trying to get the word to as many folks as possible to call the Planning Commission or show up at the meeting to try to slow down the process so the public can weigh in on what is at hand.

Here is the email from Lori that details some of the basic issues...

The City of Spring Hill Planning Commission will be holding it FINAL Approval Meeting for the Building of a Crematorium to be located at 5239 Main Street in Spring Hill, TN. This location is on Highway 31 at the Maury County/Williamson County line in the Heart of Residential Spring Hill.

There are 6 Elementary Schools located with 5 miles of the proposed Crematorium Site.

The closest school being: Spring Hill Elementary, 5359 Main Street, Spring Hill, TN 37174 .33 miles from the site

Longview Elementary School 2929 Commonwealth Drive, Spring Hill, TN 1.14 miles from the site

Columbia Academy at Spring Hill 756 Beechcroft Road, Spring Hill, TN 37174 2.28 miles from the site

Heritage Elementary School 4801 Columbia Pike, Thompson's Station, TN 37175 2.66 miles from the site

Chapman's Retreat 1000 Secluded Lane, Spring Hill, TN 37174 3.24 miles from the site

Marvin Wright Elementary School 4714 Derryberry Lane, Spring Hill, TN 37174 4.57 miles from the site

Please let the public know about the Final Planning Committee Meeting on this matter. It's on Monday, June 13th at 5:30pm at Spring Hill City Hall. We need to let the public know as the city was not required to publish a Legal Notice on the Building of a Crematorium to be located within the City of Spring Hill.

We have petitions circulation around Spring Hill, if you haven't signed one yet please e-mail me & I'll forward you a copy. Tell all of your friends & neighbors who live in Spring Hill. This is an issue for the entire City of Spring Hill's residents (not just those who live nearest the site). As you can see all of the Elementary Schools in Spring Hill & Thompson's Station are within 5 Miles of the Site.

In addition to them not having to publish information on this (they said because it wasn't a zoning change) they seem to be going full force ahead with this matter. The only way we found out about it was a few of my neighbors went to the Planning Commission meeting this past monday to hear about & oppose the Super Walmart site.

It was only when the left the meeting on Monday, June 6th & called me that I found out & started doing research. I'll be happy to provide you with the sources that I've found via my research. There is no EPA control of Crematoriums in the US. They are regulated in Europe.Each state seems to have their own rules. This needs to be changed, at least in TN.

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