Friday, July 22, 2011

Beavis and Butthead to Return This Fall

In one of the biggest TV announcements in years (in my book), it was announced today at Comic-Con in San Diego that a new 2011 version of Beavis and Butthead would return in the fall. The guys are the same age but will be in to more current MTV shows, UCF Fights, and other more current topics.

Here is a preview clip from MTV...

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Clear Explanation of Google+

Here is the best video that I have seen that explains Google+ and how it is different than other social networks.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

City of Spring Hill Planning Commission Work Session on Crematorium Tonight

Here is the latest Press release from Citizens for a better Spring Hill.

Tonight at The City of Spring Hill Planning Commission work session, more than a dozen concerned Spring Hill residents are planning to speak out on the proposed location of a crematorium in the heart of Spring Hill.

Organized by Citizens for a Better Spring Hill, tonight’s speeches will focus on the health and safety concerns surrounding crematory emissions, which include vaporized mercury and dioxins. Because of the toxicity of these emissions, citizens are calling upon the planning commission to uphold zoning code that restricts toxic
emissions such as these in Central Business Districts. The current proposal from Spring Hill Memorial Park and Funeral Home is to add a crematory to their existing facility at 5239 Main Street, Spring Hill, TN, which is currently zoned as a Central Business District.

The manufacturer of the proposed crematory, Matthews International acknowledges that crematoria emit vaporized mercury—including a study on their own website conducted by the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) that reveals an average emission rate of 0.23 grams of mercury will be released per
cremation (CANA study hosted by Matthews International). According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this seemingly low-level mercury release is still enough exceed the weekly exposure limit
for as many as 16,000 children (EPA Integrated Risk Information System: Mercury). Dioxins are listed by the State of Tennessee as “chemical warfare agents” under the Terrorism Prevention Act of 2002. The EPA states that there is no safe level of exposure to dioxins. Citizens are bewildered that even with these acknowledgments of safety concerns from the crematory industry and a leading manufacturer of crematory equipment, the Planning Commission is seriously considering approving the proposed site plan.

It is expected that Ed Romero an Equipment Consultant from Matthews International will speak on behalf of the owners of Spring Hill Memorial Park and Funeral Home. Tonight’s work session of the City Planning Commission will begin at 5:30 pm at the Spring Hill City Hall.

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