Monday, August 8, 2011

There Should be Excitement at The Spring Hill (TN) Planning Commission Tonight!

I received a copy of the following email from the Citizens for a Better Spring Hill group. It looks like there should be plenty of hardball politics going down for anyone who is interested...

Corruption, Negligence & Failure: TONIGHT Local Media Covering "Controversial Crematorium"


This morning, Channel 4 and Fox 17 ran teasers for tonight's Spring Hill Planning Commission meeting.  "Large turnout expected in Spring Hill tonight as planning commission votes on controversial crematorium," Channel 4 said.  Will you be there to speak out for a better Spring Hill?  We need your presence, wearing green, as city leaders are confronted with their own corruption, negligence & failure. 

Tonight we'll expose:

Corruption:  Mayor Dinwiddie was caught this week in an illegal meeting with Alderman Graham, violating Tennessee's "Sunshine Law," as they discussed together how to keep the crematory issue from going to BOMA.  We have them on camera, and a citizen witness sitting behind them in a local restaurant even recorded notes about what they said.  We've requested an investigation by the Maury County District Attorney, and tonight we'll confront Mayor Dinwiddie on this issue.

Negligence:  The Board of Zoning Appeals (BOZA) has not fulfilled state-mandated education requirements since 2009, the year Mayor Dinwiddie was elected.  The mayor is responsible for appointing the BOZA, and ensuring that we have properly trained and qualified members serving on that board.  Yet, he's been completely negligent in allowing these members to serve — and make decisions — without proper qualifications.  Tonight, we'll ask Mayor Dinwiddie and the city what been done in the week since we made them aware of this negligence.

Failure:  BOZA denied to hear the crematory issue sent to them by the Planning Commission, yet there is nowhere in city law that gives BOZA the right to refuse a hearing, and in fact several places where it is assumed that BOZA must hear the issues directed to them.  Further, the City didn't follow proper protocol in directing the issue to BOZA.  The City of Spring Hill has once again failed to follow and apply its own stated ordinances, and we're going to call them out.

Please show your support by attending tonight with family, friends & neighbors, 5:30 p.m. at City Hall in Spring Hill.  Bring somebody with you, and stand up for a better Spring Hill.

See You Tonight,

Andrew Zirschky
Citizens for a Better Spring Hill

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  1. Hell, I'd come just so I could hear somebody pronounce, 'Deenweedie' out loud.

    Now THAT'S funny right there I don't care who ya are.